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Well, as promised, the nameless collaborative manga with :iconinsertpockyhere: has a plot!
Here's a summary:
(I apologize for any bits that are super vague or anything. This is just a general summary, and won't go into much detail.)
Mitsuo Yamada is an average high school student. He goes to school, plays guitar, gets teased by his annoying but loving friends, and never really wonders what life is like outside of his daily routine. 
Until the day Takashi Oshiro, fifteen year old genius and head of the massive Oshiro Electronics Company, decides to get Mitsuo, his friends Hayato and Yukie, and certifiably insane otaku Kimi and Toshi involved in the experiments and schemes of a top secret division of the Oshiro Company that develops technology advanced enough to dramatically alter life as we know it.
As the group becomes more and more entangled in Takashi's schemes, it becomes clear that Oshiro is not the only organization involved in this web of technological impossibilities and devices of unfathomable power. Now, Mitsuo is part of a dangerous plot involving a green-haired teenage prodigy, a group of five average students, a trigger happy chick, some cosplay, a machine that creates time loops, top secret underground organizations, a cool guy with a strange love for cats, a few people of questionable sanity, and an impending "war" between the Oshiro Company and competing groups that could mean the end of life as we know it.

Sorry to those who have already read this. It was originally a journal entry, but I would actually like to use my journal now, so yeah...
also, go watch :iconinsertpockyhere: because she's par of this, and if you aren't watching her, you'll miss a lot of this thing.
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November 28, 2012
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